The 43rd JAPAN HOBBY SHOW 2019

Exhibitors benefits

  1. This event has been the most attention is handmade industry.
  2. You can PR to the people who come to the event. About 140,000 visitors in three days.95% of those who come to the event are women.
  3. You can merchandise in the booth.

The 43rd JAPAN HOBBY SHOW 2019 Theme

Discovery Handmade


THE 42nd JAPAN HOBBY SHOW 2018 Data(April26-28,2018)

Visitors:147,812(East Hall 4-6)

Exhibitors Voice

Are you satisfied with the results of the exhibitors?
Do you intend to exhibit at the 2018 show?

Why are you planning to exhibit next time?

  • It is the only event for us. A lot of person who has handmade as a hobby visit to this event.
  • This event has the power of attracting customers.
  • I can meet new customers
  • Visitors are enthusiastic.
  • It was our second exhibit. A lot of repeaters came and enjoyed.